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Bob Kirkwood is an amateur film-maker, currently looking for help with voice overs for a film he's making. He's looking for two "voices"; here are the details, in Bob's own words:


I am currently working on a true story that concerns a coal miner from Denny, who, at the turn of the last century went to the colonies to seek his fortune. He enjoyed great success up until about 1925 whereupon he crossed paths with Sir Thomas Catto, (later Lord Catto, Governor of the Bank of England).  You may be aware of his name as he was from Aberdeen and I believe there is a sports arena in Scotland named after him.

Our coal mining friend went into a partnership with Catto over the coal & minerals in Chota Nagpur, India. Within a couple of years the miner was ruined and in the workhouse. Catto had tied him up in financial knots and walked away with everything. He described Catto as being a Prince of Swindlers.


The story follows the miner to the House of Commons, where he attempts to expose Catto for what he had done, but his attempts are thwarted by his “death” being announced in The Times on the day of his questions being raised.


He ended up as a long-term resident, (until his death) in one of London’s Rowton Houses, (doss-houses) all the while attempting to get back what he had lost, but ultimately to no avail. He left behind quite a vast collection of letters and papers and it is from this archive that I am producing the film.

I intend to tell the story in the form of a narration by two characters; the miner and his daughter. I am therefore seeking two actors, male and female who could record these voice-over parts for me.  Both would need to be mature/old as the story is written in retrospective form, looking back on the affair, at the end of both their lives, though separated in time.


I am still in the stages of editing the script and would not expect it to be finished until perhaps the summer, but I thought it wise to begin my search now as I’m keen to find the right “voices”.

I am happy to pay for this service, of course. 


If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, please email Bob directly at



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